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The Colour of Our Politics is a new podcast series exploring how anti-racism in the UK today has been shaped by a rich history of activism and resistance, created by Javaad Alipoor and Tanya Vital. Artist, writer and director Javaad Alipoor and actor and broadcaster Tanya Vital both grew up in Bradford. The rich tradition of Bradford’s activism was handed down to Javaad and Tanya through conversations in their neighbours’ front rooms, in the pub and in the rehearsal room. Using Bradford as its backdrop, this podcast will unite a host of expert guests to shine a brighter light on the incredible, epic stories about the people and communities who stood up against imperial racism across the UK, from Bradford to London, Cardiff to Glasgow.

Javaad and Tanya aren’t pretending to have all the answers – but they do know some pretty interesting people. Combining this with rigorous discussion, the duo will be joined by special expert guests such as Magid Magid, Chardine Taylor-Stone and Hassan Mahamdallie to share some of the epic stories of communities across the UK who have stood up against racism and imperialism – from William Cuffey and the Chartist movement to the women of the Grunwick strike. As well as exploring the history of UK anti-racism, Javaad and Tanya will be asking hard questions about what’s happening now – and imagining what might happen in the future. Launching on Thursday 8 April, new episodes featuring special eye-witness and expert guests will be released every two weeks throughout April and May 2021. Subscribe on AnchorFM and let us know what you think using #colourofourpolitics.

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