A digital  project by Javaad Alipoor Company, in partnership with Grand Junction

In spring 2020, we began a creative collaboration with Grand Junction in Paddington (London), supported by Arts Council England. Javaad, together with graphic artist and calligrapher Razwan Ul-Haq, began a digital project entitled What is a Muslim? inspired by Shahab Ahmed’s book What Is Islam? The project explored Muslim identity and political geography with a group of young men, aged 20 to 38, of Muslim heritage living in the Paddington area.

What is a Muslim? aims to excavate the complex and often contradictory identity for Muslims in the UK today. Watch the first version of the project, co-conceived by the group, below. A second cycle of the project will begin this spring.

Watch the full film below.

Conceived by Javaad Alipoor
Created by Javaad Alipoor and Razwan Ul Haq
Calligraphy by Razwan Ul Uaq
Video editing by Justin Allder
Music by Simon McCorry

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