Made for National Theatre of Mannheim’s 2021 Schiller Tage Festival, Made of Mannheim was a retelling of Schiller’s Jungfrau von Orleans, his telling of the story of Joan of Arc.  Made in co-production with National Theatre Mannheim and Teatrehaus G-7, this show reimagined a Joan of Arc that spoke to modern Mannehim, one of Germany’s most linguistically and ethnically diverse cities.  Written in English before being translated into German and Turkish, this multi lingual show was co-written and co-directed by Javaad and Chris Thorpe.  It played live, and socially distanced through the pandemic, and was also broadcast digitally and internationally. 

“A redemptive play that questions artists’ relationships to history while exploring ideas of identity, unity and nationalism and advocating for a different way of nation building – as well as theatremaking.”

 The Stage 5*

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